Ecotrikes Models 2011-2013


Three 5 hp vehicles operating in Utah


Ecotrikes currently driven by enthusiast in Utah

A solar-powered aerodynamic 3 wheeled electric vehicle; Zero emissions

Features: 240 watt Solar panels to charge the batteries.

* Maximum speed: 35 mph ; 12 miles per kWhr equivalent to 400 mpg

  • Estimated Range on full charge: 50 miles at 30 mph level terrain. 40 miles hilly terrain
  • Horsepower: 5 hp generated by two electric hub motors in the 10 inch rear scooter wheels.
  • High torque motors provide excellent hill climbing capability.
  • Battery Energy: sixteen series 3.2 volt , 100 AHr Lithium FP Batteries (50 Volt ,5.0 kWhr )
  • Weight: 390 pounds including 180 lbs of Lithium batteries connected in series to produce 50 volts.
  • Dimensions: 95”x45” height 55”. Load capacity 200 lbs.
  •  Weather protection by streamlined enclosure, comfortable seat with seat belt.
  • Spring suspension with three wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Instrumentation for Turn signals, Brake lights, head lights, and horn.
  • Uses 1/2 parking space.
  •  Street legal in Utah

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