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Ecotrike IX Specifications

A solar-powered electric tricycle for commuting, shopping and recreation. Accommodates a single driver and light load. Uses 1/2 parking space. Tilts up to 90 degrees to optimize sun power when parked.

Energy Sources: Two 80 watt Kyocera Solar Panels in series at 24 v and a pedal driven generator producing 100 watts, combine to charge 24 v NiMH 106 A-hr batteries
Power is derived from two permanent-magnet electric motors generating up to 3.2 horse power (continuous) connected to rear wheels via v-belt and chain drive.
Maximum Speed is 30 mph
Range: 40 miles on full charge depending on terrain
Weight: 300 lbs 108”x 36” x 57” inches (LxWxH)
Structure: Streamlined enclosure constructed with Aluminum
frame and honeycomb panels, sun resistant plastics and canvas
Suspension: Three 20 inch bicycle wheels, spring/damper suspension
Brakes: Disc brake on front wheel, Rim brakes on both rear wheels
Street legal: Brake lights, turn signals, head & rear lights, horn, seat belt



Ecotrike VIII, 36 V Hub motors

Ecotrike 8 features 600 watt hub motors mounted in each of the three wheels generating up to 2 hp. These are driven by twelve 40 AHr Lithium FP batteries mounted in series to achieve 36 V output. The batteries are charged by 3 roof-mounted Kyocera@ 50 watt solar panels.
The maximum speed is 27 mph, with an estimated range of 40 miles on a full charge.

Ecotrike 10, 4 Hp, 195 watt solar power

trike10_garageThis vehicle has two brushless hub motors in the 24” rear wheels generating up to 4 hp with a maximum speed of 37 mph, and very good hill climbing capability. The energy driving the motors flows from fifteen 90 Ahr Lithium FP batteries connected in series to provided the needed 50 Volts at up to 80 amperes. The estimated range of the vehicle is more than 100 miles at 30 mph. At 35 mph the range drops to 70 miles.
The batteries are charged by three roof-mounted 65 watt solar panels.
The vehicle…

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