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Ecotrike 16 Featuring: 327 Watt solar panel, and 2 seater option, 8.5 kWh/100 miles (400 MPGe) and 45 mph.


Front view and 327 Watt panel


Two Passenger mode of travel

Ecotrike 16 features a 21% efficiency, 327 Watt solar panel which has substantially decreased the need to use an external charger to keep the battery fully charged. The Vehicle also has the option of a two passenger scooter seat. The vehicle is driven by two 13″ diameter brushless hub motors each rated at 3000 watts (4 HP) which allows a maximum speed of 45 MPH.  The motors are powered by a Lithium Ferric Phosphate battery pack of 5 kWHr capacity . It consists of sixteen series connected 3.2 V, 100 AHr modules producing a nominal 51 Volt battery voltage. At 40 mph, the energy consumption is at 0.85 kWh per 10 miles, resulting in an estimated range of 60 miles even on cloudy days.

Two Kelly Controls  KEB 48401x controllers provide the speed control via a thumb throttle and are also programmed to provide regenerative braking when the foot brake pedal is depressed to operate the two hydraulic disc brakes mounted on the two rear hub motors.

Ecotrike 16 weighs 390 lbs (177 kg), is 95 inches long, 45 inches wide and 53 inches high. It can cary two passengers plus 100 pounds of load.

As shown it has weather protection by a streamlined enclosure with a roll bar and a three point seat belt.  Three hydraulic disc brakes provide stopping power.  It is equipped with the lights and signals of a street legal motorcycle including LED headlights, brake lights and turn signals.

Ecotrikes require 1/2 to 1/3 of a parking space of a typical car.

Ecotrike 15, 8 Hp, 45 MPH, regenerative braking, 250 Watt solar panel.


Ecotrike 15 ,  8 HP regen braking

Ecotrike 15 has the same features as Ecotrike 16, described above, except that it uses an older 250 Watt solar panel and is a single passenger version.


4 hp 13″ rim hub motor with hydraulic brake


5 KWHr battery pack at 52 Volts

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Ecotrike 2011 to 2014.  5 HP, 35 mph, 240 watt solar Panels

Three Ecotrikes on roads

Three Ecotrikes on roads

Ecotrikes currently driven by enthusiast in Utah

A solar-powered aerodynamic 3 wheeled electric vehicle; Zero emissions

Features: 240 watt Solar panels to charge the batteries.

* Maximum speed: 35 mph ; 12 miles per kWhr equivalent to 400 mpg

  • Estimated Range on full charge: 50 miles at 30 mph level terrain. 40 miles hilly terrain
  • Horsepower: 5 hp generated by two electric hub motors in the 10 inch rear scooter wheels.
  • High torque motors provide excellent hill climbing capability.

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